Henry Update

I don't know how well any body ever reads this blog or pays attention to the changes I make but perhaps, you've noticed the changes under the now accepting donations heading?

Thanks to Dr. Rewers at Ancient Arts holistic vet, Dr. Mundell (animal dermatologist), Lien Animal Clinic and, last but certainly not least, A Dog's Dream Natural Pet Supply, Henry is doing better!

So please knock on wood, cross your fingers, thank lucky stars, or do any other thing designed to keep the luck going and to avoid tempting fate.

I kid you not:

  •  Henry is back to being a white dog. The color pink only makes it's appearance when he is sleepy. In honor of this I am changing the background color to white!
  • He is no longer on the insanely expensive antibiotic. 
  • He takes only 1/4 steroid every other day (occasionally 1/2--when he seems itchier or when he's been exposed to anything that he's sensitive to) 
  • Decreased the hydroxyzine to 1 3x/day (unless he is itchier and then we will give him 2 at the next time)
  • His staph vaccine has decreased to 0.5cc from 1.0cc
  • He only needs 1/2 pain pill every few days (which means he is only limping every few days)
  • We have slowly been successfully reintroducing different foods
  • Henry is less crazy (decreased 'roid rage) and is sometimes downright calm -- although this is so foreign to me that I start worrying that he is sad or depressed
He might actually be a normal dog someday!

Oh, Henry.

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