Henry takes lots of medicine.

Jensen and I usually have pretty different schedules.

There was this one time, early on, when we almost had Henry's allergies under control. He was getting his shots regularly and had no flare ups or skin infections. Then for two weeks he didn't get any shots because Jensen thought I had given them to Henry and I thought he'd given them to Henry. That was well over a year ago & we are just now sort of  getting a bit of control over his allergies.

Needless to say, we learned our lesson and now we keep vigilant track of what Henry needs, when he needs it and if it has been given to him.

Henry's Theme Song

I love this song. I listen to it and pretend it was written for Henry. I pretend it's about a dog and not a boy. Today, I looked it up on youtube to post it and found a video for it. Turns out it might be about a dog!!! So until I hear a song about the world's most expensive, high maintenance, crazy lemon of a dog.....