Henry has the Best Grandma

Henry's Grandma is pretty cool.

Actually she's more than cool, she's amazing. Not only has she listened to hours of me lamenting about the trials and tribulations of Henry, and helped to spoil the cute little mutt, but she has generously assisted with his health care.

She paid for his first knee surgery, part of his third surgery and multiple acupuncture appointments. She bought him the large round bolster bed when I was too cheap to buy anything larger than the medium. She has tolerated multiple attempts by Henry to turn shoes dangling off her toes, knitting projects, and purses into toys. She was the first (and so far only) person to make a donation on this website.

If that wasn't enough, her Christmas present to Henry resulted in this picture:

I don't think Henry knows how lucky he is to have a Grandma like that. But I know how lucky I am to have a mother like that.