Things Henry Barks At

Henry barks for attention. Henry barks when he is scared. Henry barks when he is confused. Henry barks, barks, barks.

Here are some of the things that Henry barks at:

  • vacuum cleaners
  • guitars (amped, not amped, out of the case, in the case)
  • drums (but only when they are being played)
  • Jenn (she lives in our back yard) 
  • cars that park on the street leading to our house
  • people walking past our house (not every person, but I haven't figured out how he decides who he wants to bark at and who he just watches. Although he barks at some people because he likes them and he wants their attention and he barks at some people because he simply doesn't like them) 
  • Birds
  • Jensen (when he is turned away doing something, like cooking)
  • Jensen and I (when we hug or kiss...actually anybody who hugs or kisses in our house...and actually, it's not really a bark it is a weird, whiny scream)
  • any time we clean anything...dusting, mopping, vacuuming
  • bicycles
  • anybody that knocks on our door
  • anybody that works on or around our house (yard work, painting, cable, etc)
  • noises in the basement that come up through the heating vents
  • his dreams (only his mouth stays shut, so it is a really high-pitched, half-squeak, half-bark)
  • power tools
  • And sometimes, he just looks out the window, and barks at what appears to be...nothing

He has gotten better (meaning less barking, not better barking) with age and with positive training methods. So he no longer barks anytime he is awake. Just most times.

Oh, Henry. 

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